Face masks have definitely dominated society since the start of 2020. Most people nowadays own multiple masks, turning necessity into something equally fun by placing designs to make them more inspiring to wear – especially for little kids. But if you’re not exactly good with a needle and thread – how else can you customize your face mask and make it part of your whole fashion ensemble? Here are some cool ideas to try out:

1. Button Face Mask

This is incredibly easy and can be done using a glue gun or if you’re confident with your sewing skills; you can use a needle and thread of course. Just grab some colorful buttons of different sizes if that’s what you want and just use a glue gun to attach them to the mask. Create wonderful designs depending on what really sparks your creative spirit and allow the glue gun to just dry off. Once you’re done, you can proudly wear your customized mask in public and still stand out from the crowd.

2. Tie Dye Face Mask

Tie dye shirts are incredibly popular nowadays and so easy to do. Just grab a plain white mask, scrunch it up a little, and deftly spritz color all over the fabric. Leave it to dry and straighten out the mask to get a beautifully random design on the surface. The beauty here is that each scrunched-up design is different and you can mix and match colors depending on your mood. You can even color code your custom facemasks depending on the day of the week! You can also try doing the opposite – get a completely blank mask and splash it with some bleach for that classic black and white look.

3. Googly-Eyed Face Mask

If you want to make things more interesting, why not attach some googly-eyes onto your mask? Just grab some googly-eyes from any store and start attaching them; the same way you would attach the buttons. Go crazy and put in as many eyes as you want or you can be conservative and just put two in the appropriate places. Either way, you’re definitely getting something unique.

4. Stenciled Fabric-Paint Mask

If you have a flair for painting, you can also use fabric paint to draw your own design on the mask. Of course, not everyone can make a perfect painting so you can also try using a stencil in order to get the design you want. You can buy one or make your own using a printer and some scissors. Make sure to let the paint completely dry off before putting it on. Washing the mask before using it can also help dissipate the smell of the paint.

5. Acrylic Paint Mask

You can use acrylic paint the same way you would use fabric paint for designing the mask. Yes, you can also have designs painted on the surface by using a stencil. Just remember to have it dry completely and then hand wash it before using. Soaking it in white vinegar before using the mask can help get rid of the paint smell. Remember – you’re supposed to wear the mask over your nose and mouth so any smell it creates is inhaled directly by you. Inhaling paint odor is the last thing you need if you want to stay healthy.

6. Tie-Around Mask

Sometimes, customizing your mask goes beyond simply designing the frontage. You can also customize it by making it a “tie around” rather than an “ear loop” kind. You can do this by using fabric glue to create bands attached to the loops that you can tie at the back of your head.

7. Heat Press Mask Designs

Finally, you can try using heat press mask designs for an easier way of making a custom face mask. You can buy heat transfer paper straight off the internet or perhaps buy pre-made designs if there are available ones. No need for a heat press machine – you can use a regular iron for that. This is often the perfect idea if you want a more complicated picture for your face mask and painting is just not a viable option.

Of course, those are just some creative ideas for an artistic face mask. If you can perform some stitching, you can definitely create more interesting designs that makes wearing one infinitely easier. For now, try having fun with the arts and crafts suggestions above.

7 Ways to Customize Your Face Mask Using Arts and Craft

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